Xform UV


version: 2.8
date: 24 oct 2012
language: mel script
maya: version 2009+

XformUV is a tool for editing UVs with numerical precision. It includes functions such as move, rotate, scale, align, stack and orient UVs.


The move tool is the main reason why I created this script. I needed a method of quickly giving UVs an offset of 1. This is useful for temporarily moving UVs out of the way or for moving overlapping UVs out of the 0-1 range. Overlapping UVs can result in artifacts when baking textures (shadow maps, occlusion, 3d textures, normal maps).

Auto Mapping


version: 1.1
date: 14 sep 2008
language: mel script
maya: version 2008+

This script upgrades Maya’s auto projection method from a maximum of 12 planes to 31 planes. That is a projection plane at every 30°. This results in less distortion on the uvs. I mainly use this method as a starting point for mapping mechanical / hard surface objects where unfold uvs produces a less desirable result.