type:photoshop script
date:23 Nov 2012
photoshop: CS5+
This Photoshop script creates a tiled version of your image. It does nothing fancy. It only tiles the image. The most basic use of this script is to see if a texture is seamless. The other reason why I created this script was because I needed a way to do a tileable blur. This is something that is available in Gimp, but I have not yet seen it in Photoshop. When you blur an image in Photoshop it does not take into account the pixels that are on the opposite side. With textures that are supposed to tile this can produce visible artifacts on the edges.

To illustrate this problem I am using a meticulously crafted gray zebra texture. The tiled version of the texture was created with the sdvTile script. You can see that the texture is seamless.

Now if I blur the orginal image and then tile it again, you will notice sharp lines along the borders.

But instead we want something like this. Blurred, but still seamless.

To achieve that you have to tile the image, blur it and then crop it to original size again. And there you have it: tileable blur. Very simple. Of course this also works with any other filter.

For safety reasons, this script does not process your original file. Instead, it creates a flattened duplicate of your image. The tiled version will contain two layers: the original image and the tiled image. The original image can be used to compare it to any changes that you make on the tiled version. It can also be used to quickly crop the image back to its original size (ctrl+click on its mask to select the original size; then Image > Crop).

You can download the script here:


How to install a Photoshop script
Method 1)

  • Copy the downloaded .jsx file to the scripts folder in your Photoshop program folder. On Windows the path should be something like this:
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 (64 Bit)\Preset\Scripts
    On a Mac the folder can be found here:
    Applications > Photoshop CS5 > Presets > Scripts
  • Start up Photoshop. The script will now be available in the menu: Photoshop > File > Scripts
  • If you want to, you can now also assign a keyboard shortcut to the script: Photoshop > Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts

Method 2)

Running a Photoshop script without installing.

  • Go to the Photoshop menu File > Scripts > Browse
  • Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the .jsx file and select it.

Method 3)

This is basically Method 2, but recorded as an action. This way you can quickly access the script and also assign a keyboard shortcut to it. The advantage of this method is that you can keep your scripts in any folder that you want.

  • Photoshop > Actions Window > New Action… > Record
  • Photoshop > File > Scripts > Browse
  • Navigate to the folder where you placed the .jsx file and select it.
  • Photoshop > Actions Window > Stop Recording