date:21 aug 2008
language:mel script
maya:version 2008+
This script improves the workflow of making creases on smoothed polygon objects.

I wrote this script because I found Maya’s default workflow for creating creases a bit tedious. With this script you can directly enter a value. You can quickly apply the same value to other components. Interactive editing is still available with the slider. The window and slider can be resized. It supports creasing of polygon edges and vertices.

You can download this script here (2.3 kb zip):

Windows | Maya 2013
1) Open the zip file and copy the scripts (.mel) to this directory:

2) Copy the icons (.bmp) to this directory:

3) Restart Maya or enter rehash in the script editor.

1) Open the CreaseSlider window by entering the following command in the Script Editor: sdv_creaseSlider
2) Select a polygon object that has Smooth Mesh (press 3) enabled.
3) Select an edge or vertex.
4) In the CreaseSlider window drag the slider or enter a value.

Note: This script currently supports only one object at a time.