date:14 sep 2008
language:mel script
maya:version 2008+
This script upgrades Maya’s auto projection method from a maximum of 12 planes to 31 planes. That is a projection plane at every 30°. This results in less distortion on the uvs. I mainly use this method as a starting point for mapping mechanical / hard surface objects where unfold uvs produces a less desirable result.

You can download this script here (3.7 kb zip):

Windows | Maya 2013
1) Open the zip file and copy the scripts (.mel) to this directory:

2) Copy the icons (.bmp) to this directory:

3) Restart Maya or enter rehash in the script editor.

Select a polygon object or select polygon faces and then enter this command in the Script Editor: sdv_autoMapping

Version History
v1.1 14 Sep 2008 Added support for multiple objects. Reduced flickering in uv window, while mapping is in progress.
v1.0 07 Mar 2007 Created